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Lotus Tie Dye Bamboo Socks
Lotus Tie Dye Bamboo Socks

Lotus Tie Dye Bamboo Socks

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We love these bamboo socks for so many reasons. Not only does bamboo make a REALLY soft sock, it is also naturally antibacterial, durable, and highly absorbent. What we love about bamboo the most is that it is a very renewable resource that grows quickly without chemicals or pesticides


-Due to the nature of tie dye, no two pieces are exactly the same. We use a technique of dyeing that can cause colors to bleed together and be unpredictable. Enjoy having a one of a kind piece!

-Each item is hand dyed and made to order. This can cause shipping times to vary but generally items are shipped within 5-7 business days.

-A portion of all of our sales goes directly to non profit organizations that lead the way in building long lasting care of our pollinators!